About Us
alyadua.com is an online shopping site that has been serving customers since the beginning of 2012, Alyadua is a company where women 
who have adopted modern conservative dressing styles can find thousands of choices for their clothing styles.

The distinguished brands of conservative clothing reach hundreds of thousands of women through Alyadua.

Alyadua.com has become an online platform where brands can determine their style for millions of women who have adopted
modern conservative clothing styles in the world and Turkey in a short period of time.

Alyadua works with unconditional customer satisfaction principle.
You can visit the alyadua.com site without membership, you can examine the products in detail.
All orders will be sent within the same day.

All products are free of shipping charges. When the goods are returned to alyadua.com during the return process, the shipping fee is 5 TL.

The products in the alyadua.com site are carefully selected, prepared and presented to your liking with a professional staff.
Distinguished brands are featured in the site and social circles.

All orders are prepared with our own working staff, our own bags and boxes and sent to our customers.

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